Player VR controlado por movimientos de la mano

App # 1 – VR Gesture Player

Really innovative Gesture Input in VR Gesture PlayerWhen it comes to Virtual Reality its best viewed when it becomes more realistic as possible. VR Gesture Player is one such VR Media player which makes watching videos a great experience.The most Striking feature of VR Gesture Player is that on open VR Glasses, you can use your hand to control the Videos as shown in the below image –Control Videos by HandNot only does it track your hand gestures but you can even type on it using your hand, and control videos.—ADVERTISEMENT— Besides, allowing Videos to be controlled by hand gestures, it can even play 2D Videos in Side by Side playback so that you can watch even 2D videos in your VR Glasses.Besides, being a VR player it can smoothly play 3D Videos & 360 Videos as well.Click here to Download VR Gesture Player from Google Play

Fuente: Top 5 free VR Video Player apps for Android [360 – SBS 3D]-TechApple – Communicating Technology In an Easy Way

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